Simplifying Life

National Integrated Technologies Limited, trading under the brand NITEL, was incorporated under the Companies Act of Malawi in 2006 and is a multi-product integrated technologies business with core activities in the areas:

  • Financial Technology Services¬†
  • Electronic Revenue Collection Information Management
  • Enterprise Services focusing on infrastructure hosting and support services
  • Applications Development & Data Communication Services


VISION STATEMENT: To provide innovative solutions that simplify life.

MISSION STATEMENT: Providing innovative solutions that simplify life. 


Customer Delight





Enterprise Applications

NITEL's Applications development Division develops innovative solutions for enterprise architecture integration processes for customers requiring workflow-oriented applications

Financial Technology

Since 2001, NITEL has provided goods and services that support secure, reliable and modern payment systems in Malawi. Accordingly, the company has experience in and offers the following key products and services:

Data Communication

NITEL is a Key player in the connectivity market with capacity to provide network to virtually any part of Malawi. Runs a backbone network of fiber between Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

Managed Services

The Company's Unique partnerships has allowed the establishment of infrastructure and resources for the provision of Electronic Fiscal Devices, Webtickets(e-ticketing) & ARMIS


We excel at seamlessly integrating innovative online ticketing systems, prepaid utility management, and essential data center operations for diverse sectors, showcasing our expertise in technology-driven solutions.

Payment Platform Services Integration

NITEL seamlessly integrated government payment systems with banks and facilitated connections between Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Money, and Banking Platforms, showcasing expertise in enhancing financial operations.

E-Ticketing and Access Control Systems

In 2018, NITEL launched Webtickets Malawi, the first online ticket system of its kind. It revolutionized ticketing with advanced algorithms for barcoded tickets and comprehensive management, including on-site access control. Key ticket details like Ticket Number, Validity Date, and Ticket Price are efficiently managed through this innovative system.

Payment Systems and Infrastructure-POS Solutions

NITEL employs its Prepaid Management system for POSnet, a nationwide point-of-sale (POS) network, facilitating prepaid utility sales. This includes ESCOM electricity tokens, TNM and Airtel Malawi airtime units, and Lilongwe Water Board prepayment services. The extensive POSNet engages a multitude of contracted sales agents.

Data Centre Operations & Hosting Services

NITEL offers Data Centre Operations & Hosting Services, crucial for diverse sectors. They manage communication infrastructure investments, IT-enabled services, system administration, and backup support. Notably, NITEL supports vital systems like MITASS and ECCH for the Bankers Association of Malawi.

Service Management Framework

NITEL uses IT Governance frameworks, like ITIL procedures, to align its infrastructure with customer experience and corporate goals. This includes a dedicated Helpdesk/Customer Support Centre with competent technical personnel actively engaged in customer support, ensuring business needs are met effectively.

Electronic Revenue Collection Information Management System(ERCIMS)

NITEL has pioneered ERCIMS, shifting revenue collection for Local Government authorities to technology-driven platforms, offering versatility for property rates, market fees, land rates, and service charges collections.


NITEL owes much of its success to its dedicated workforce, serving as the foundation of the company’s customer-centric culture.

In its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences, NITEL boasts a talent pool composed of engineering, technical, and product management professionals who are deeply focused on engineering and product excellence.

Proven success in developing mission-impacting applications

NITEL’s Applications Development Division boasts a 19-year track record in creating and delivering innovative solutions to customers.

While expanding its presence in the consumer market, the Division’s primary emphasis remains on developing and supporting mission-critical applications and integrating enterprise architecture.